Your fingertips across my skin.

I can hear you breathing, heavy but slow. I can hear you heart beating. Your body next to mine. Your wet lips and sweaty hips, your clowdy eyes looking into mine. You deep inside. Our bodies like one. I want you here, near, on top, around. Lips against, heat, beat, touch, looks, desperation, destination. You and me, together at the same place.

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Postat av: Gabriella

tack :)

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Postat av: MyzaaN - Princess Pink

var så lite så:)

jag gör inte så mkt :) svara på kommentarer :D själv då? kram

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Postat av: alisa

grym blogg, jag gillar'n! :D

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Postat av: sabina

fan va snygg du är! :)

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